Review: Modern Events Calendar Growth

As we step into the new year, we at Webnus are thrilled to take a look back at the growth and evolution of our flagship product, Modern Events Calendar (MEC).

We introduced a multitude of powerful features aimed at enhancing the user experience and taking event management to new heights.

Modern Events Calendar Growth

Let’s take a glimpse at the remarkable features that have revolutionized MEC:

Certificate Builder

We are excited to introduce Dynamic Certificate Generation, a feature that allows event holders to create personalized certificates for attendees.

Attendees can now receive certificates with crucial event details, adding a touch of customization to their event experience.

The Event Gallery module grants users the ability to present events with more than just photos.

This feature allows for a richer, more immersive representation of events to captivate audiences.

Event Banner

With the addition of the Event Banner feature, users can now create visually compelling event pages that capture attention and generate excitement.

This enhancement aims to provide a visually engaging experience for audiences, be it for concerts, festivals, or conferences.

Compatibility with WPML

We’ve worked closely with the WPML team to ensure seamless compatibility between MEC and WPML, allowing for smooth translation of all pages, posts, custom types, and taxonomy.

Categories Shortcode

The addition of the Categories Shortcode enables users to display all categories on a page.

Admin Calendar View

Event managers can now enjoy a calendar view in the backend, simplifying the navigation through months and improving overall management efficiency.

Ability to Cancel a Certain Occurrence & Mass Booking Notification

Managing ticket cancellations has never been easier, allowing for seamless refunds and personalized email notifications to keep attendees informed.

Database Reinstall Button

Troubleshooting frustrating database issues is now a breeze with the Database Reinstall Button, simplifying the re-execution of the installation process.

Default Tickets and Global Default Bookings

Streamlining the event setup process, the Global Default Tickets feature automates ticket assignment to all events by default, saving time and effort for event managers.

Change Single and Shortcode Icons

Enhancing customization options, users can now effortlessly modify event icons and corresponding shortcodes with the Advanced Icon Picker feature.

Refactored MEC Settings Menu

The revamped MEC Settings menu now offers basic and advanced tabs for a more organized backend experience.

Subscribe to Calendar

With this feature, website visitors can add the entire calendar with just one click for added convenience.

SMS Notification

MEC now integrates with the Twilio communication management system, enabling administrators to receive text message notifications for new bookings.

Modern Events Calendar Android App

The new Android app simplifies the check-in process, eliminating the chance of duplicates or fraud.

Seamless Booking Cancellation

Marking events as canceled and initiating the refund process is now a seamless affair with personalized email notifications to keep attendees informed.

Frontend Event Customization

Empowering users with front-end event submission, this feature allows effortless uploading and editing of event featured images for a more personalized event experience.


Modern Events Calendar has also expanded its functionality with a wide range of useful addons since the last update blog we published back to maintain its position at the top.

These addons cater to various needs such as mapping, reporting, ticketing, social integration, and layout customization, making Modern Events Calendar a comprehensive solution for event management on WordPress.

Here’s a brief overview of the addons that have been added to Modern Events Calendar:

Advanced Map – This addon allows users to create professional shortcodes for Map view with 2 popular styles including OpenStreetMap.
It also offers features for detailed and precise filtering and displaying filters and events next to the map in a new view.

Advanced Reports – This addon helps users create reports of all the reservations made by MEC on their website.
It includes features for professional reservation filtering, diagrams, income tracking, sortable list of attendees, and exporting in various formats.

Advanced Organizer, Speaker, and Location – These addons provide dedicated pages for organizers, speakers, and locations, allowing users to list events specifically related to these entities under the shortcode.

Seat – This allows users to sell seats in any spot and create a layout plan for them.
It also offers features like hiding or disabling the booking of certain seats, assigning different tickets to rows or seats, and generating report sheets.

RSVP Events – This addon enables users to create RSVPs on their website and manage users from the backend.

Waiting List – This addon enables users to create a waiting form after selling out tickets, allowing people to reserve a spot in case of cancellations.

Liquid View Layouts and Fluent View Layouts – These addons provide users with a variety of responsive and stylish layouts for promoting events.

Square Payment – This addon allows users to set up a Square Payment Gateway for easier transactions.

Advanced Importer – This addon facilitates easy import of events from platforms like Facebook, Google, Meetup, and Eventbrite.

Zapier Integration – This enables users to create Zaps with various apps when events are added, edited, canceled, or booked.

BuddyBoss Integration – This integration provides options to assign events to groups with each group having its own events.

Social Auto Poster – This addon allows users to automatically share their events on social media platforms.

Virtual Events, Zoom Integration, and Webex Integration – These addons provide features for displaying information about virtual meetings, webinars, or events.

Elementor FES Builder, Divi Single Builder, and Gutenberg Single Builder – These addons provide customization options for forms, event layouts, and styles using popular page builders.

Final Words

These revolutionary features have not only expanded the capabilities of Modern Events Calendar but have also elevated the standards of event management within WordPress.

We are committed to driving innovation and empowering our users through ongoing enhancements, and we look forward to continuing delivering more exciting updates in the future.

Stay tuned for the latest developments, and we invite you to explore all the new features that Modern Events Calendar has to offer!

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