Our Story

On the first steps, experts in web design and PHP developers were gathered together under the leadership of an experienced manager to design a product to cover all the needs of web designers so the process of web design will be shorter and faster.

Webnus started its work in Themeforest. Producing HTML templates was the first step and then it produced WordPress themes. As the time passed, Webnus products were more diverse and varied and at the same time, Webnus Team was growing and gained more experience. One day, they decided to produce world's No 1 WordPress theme. Deep Theme project started and it was the start of a new journey for Webnus Team.

Along this journey, there were several researches done on successful products of WordPress world. This was one of the most complete and accurate researches ever done in this regard. After two years of none stop hard work, the wonderful Deep Theme was released into the market and from the very start it was vastly welcomed by users.

As Webnus Team, we are glad the users are happy and satisfied with this WordPress theme and we are honoring this achievement. Our journey is on a new path and we are now more dedicated to continue this journey.

About 1


In Webnus, we believe product quality and functionality is a constant process. Majority of our experts’ daily tasks who are in direct contact With users is making sure of the features’ functionality and recognizing the needs of our users. This is particularly vital in theme and WordPress Plugins production.

This is why there is a tight connection and bond among us and our users and we have been successful in attracting their satisfaction. We do believe in this strategy and we would continue it.

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Easy to Use & Functional

The world of application designing is moving in the direction to facilitate the use of applications. In designing any new product, we consider the users carefully and by constantly reviewing their needs, we delete the extra steps and we are looking for solutions in order for every process to be automatically and smartly done. This would help users to utilize the application more easily.

In designing the WordPress theme “Deep”, we paid special attention to web designers experience and facilitating the website production process. As a result, by re-engineering the process, we built the world’s greatest WordPress theme.


One of the most important factors in our success in Webnus, is the attention we pay to the design. We have always followed the most up to date global trends in design and have applied them in our designing and that is why we are always a step ahead of our rivals. For instance, WordPress themes Deep, Michigan and Easyweb and WordPress plugin Modern Events Calendar are the result of such a strategy and prospective.

We were successful to keep a good balance between modern design and designing standards. Thus, while users see a new designing, they don’t feel to be unfamiliar with the new concept.

Webnus has always been a well-known name in Themeforest for creative designs and by producing and designing innovative WordPress themes, has always been inspiring its rivals. We found this our strength and we are constantly working to make it stronger. Now we have got to a point where we can claim that we are the best in designing and we want to make big steps on this path.